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tapperman® BOARD SCREWS

Various designs for all boards (E.g. Fibre Cement Boards, Gypsum Boards, Calcium Silicate Boards, etc).

For boards + steel, boards + timber applications.

Low profile head for easy embedment.

tapperman® CONCRETE PINS

Concrete pins also called masonry nails are specialty nails and are the most popular fasteners for securing objects into masonry and other hard & brittle materials. Available in smooth shank, straight fluted & twilled fluted shank for different substrate hardness.

They are commonly used in securing materials to concrete walls and blocks because these nails are highly resistant to withdrawal and have excellent anti-bending, anti-cracking performance.

    Coating Available:
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Clear Zinc

tapperman® FARM SCREWS

Widely used by European customers for the securement of sheet metal tiles for residential and corrugated profiles for agriculture buildings, our Farm Screws are designed with LEVIN™ Reduced Drill Point and complimented with coarse thread providing the most effective fastener designs. Also equipped with a Galvanised plate that is bonded onto EPDM, our fastening solution is complete with that perfect waterproofing.

Farm Screws heads can be colour matched to your sheets too. Our innovative automatic colour coating line is one of the few in the world. Under controlled manufacturing process, not only is the colour coating thickness is consistent, the adhesion has been drastically improved too. All these resulting in long lasting colour durability.

tapperman® OPEN END NUT SERT

Low Profile, Countersunk and Large flange. For thin sheets or panels. Applications become serviceable.

tapperman® SEMS SCREWS

SEMS Screws are fasteners pre-assembled with washers. The manufacturing process integrates the washers and the fastener into a single component. SEMS Screws are inserted with the washer first before the threading process is done. With the larger outer diameter of the thread and the smaller inner diameter ofthe washer, the entire SEMS Screw becomes a single SKU, simplifying your inventory.

SEMS Screws also enhances one step fast installation as the washers are never forgotten, dropped, or missed. No more manual insertion of washers.

tapperman® SELF-DRILLERS

Self-Drillers screws have drill shaped points to eliminate the need to pre-drill holes. Self-Drillers screws do not require a pilot hole, which accelerates installation time and lowers the cost and need of additional drill bits. This extra functionality and cost saving feature makes Self-Drillers screws the clear choice for metal building construction.

Self-Drillers screws are available in stainless steel for weather-exposed areas andin zinc-plated steel for unweathered areas. Self-Drillers screws are available in the same head and drive types as Self-Tappers screws.

tapperman® SELF-TAPPERS

Self-Tappers screws are those that tap threads into the material. Self-Tappers screws are used for all sorts of applications including wood, metal, and brick. These screws need a pilot hole to be pre-drilled before installation, as they can drill through the metal by themselves.

By using a drill bit, a pilot hole of slightly smaller diameter than that of the screw is created and during installation, the threads of the screw tap the metal or wood. This tapping action keeps the material fastened together. There are many different types of points that a Self-Tappers screw can have that assist in the tapping of threads into various substrates.

tapperman® WELD NUTS

Weld nuts can be made with stainless steel or low carbon steel materials, and they are designed to be welded onto metal surfaces. Commonly used in industrial manufacturing, welding reduces the gaps and seams between the fastener and the substrate. Weld nuts and projection nuts make up the most common nuts that can be welded. Spot weld fasteners can be resistance-welded directly to a metal surface with a press-type or rocker-arm resistance welding system.

Projection fasteners, on the other hand, have small protrusions below them, which can be fused to the metal surface using a press-type machine. It also eliminates the need to carry out additional fastening to achieve your securement plan. In fact, weld nuts form the strongest bonds as compared to mechanically clinched fasteners.

tapperman® WOOD SCREWS

Wood screws are commonly used for securing connection between wood substrates, like hardwood, softwood, MDF, and chip board. Many types of wood screws are available in the market based on differences in shanks, threads, and pre-drilling features.

Wood screws are available either with partial threaded or fully threaded. Wood screws also have a pointed tip to drive them into the wood with precision.


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