14 Dec 2021

The engineering industry focuses on precision, quality, and consistency. Our founder, Jason N Hoo, prioritised these characteristics when he discovered the gap between the vision of manufacturers and the fastening solutions available in the market. He decided to embark on the Engineering Edge journey more than two decades ago to turn expectations into a reality.

Being at the cutting edge of engineering requires a constant understanding and fulfillment of the needs of end-users on the ground. Jason realised that companies could achieve a more significant ROI with their existing workforce by delivering effective fastening solutions to the market.

Specifically, there was a need to address the “fastener issue.”

Fasteners make up approximately 1% of the total project cost, yet, they are indispensable across various projects. Essentially, these small components hold complex structures securely in place, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Yet, many companies overlook the importance of fasteners, resulting in high maintenance costs, shorter product lifespans, and safety concerns.

With that concern in mind, Jason explored, researched, and curated a broad range of fasteners that serve specialized purposes. Engineering Edge’s innovative lineup includes self-locking fasteners for structural joints, speed drill designs for higher output, self-tapping concrete screws, and many more.

For example, the team recommends the S17 drill point as a replacement for conventional timber application fasteners. The drill points feature wider angle sharpness that enables users to cut through dense timber with ease.

S17 drill points picture S17 drill points

Another innovative solution is CORROSHIELD®’s DUOTAPP® fasteners that feature one point with two applications (i.e., suitable for steel and timber). By implementing DUOTAPP® fasteners, teams can reduce cost, time, and storage space for their projects. Additionally, with the dual-purpose design, there is no need for users to undergo product differentiation training.

Engineering Edge remains a dedicated manufacturer of fastening solutions based in Singapore, with factories situated in Taiwan and Vietnam. The Engineering Edge team dedicates itself to building and nurturing long-term partnerships through the power of specialized innovation.

A senior member of the Engineering-Edge team shares, “We believe in exceeding all project expectations every time, without fail. Our tireless mission is to supply and deliver the most effective solutions that leave clients with the best impression that earns their trust.”

Engineering-Edge continues to “create an edge,” serving the global community through authorised distributors and seasoned engineers in over 20 countries.